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By Brandon

I was born black, but told not to be proud 

I went to school to learn, but was called dumb 

I asked for a future, but was given a jail cell 

When I spoke knowledge, they raised their guns

What am I suppose to do? I'm young, black and dumb

No! this isn't true 

I'm young, black, and educated!

I know my rights- plus we were both made from the same thought

That makes us equal- rather you like it or not

I am not ashamed or afraid 

I am a king who has the power to make peace I say!

I am not here to shed blood or raise war 

I'm here to show you liberation... 


I Bang the Poems

By Demetrius

I bang the poems for all problems

In all shapes, sizes and forms

I bang the poems for all weather

Cold, hot, and sometimes warm

I bang the poems for the people

Who are looking for a sunny day

But can only find a storm

I bang the poems for the prison population

That’s steadily growing

I bang the poems for the parents

Whose children get snatched off the streets

Without them even knowing

I bang the poems for all instruments

Tubas, drums and even French horns

I bang the poems for areas in poverty

Where everyday guns are drawn

I bang the poems for my friend Dawann

Who died of a gunshot hole

In the same spot where his hat was worn

I bang the poems to death

From the day I was born


Pen Fiend



As I sit back

And operate this pen

I feel like I’m a pen fiend

Sick with words

Sick with the pen

Whoa! Just had a brain freeze

Right back at it

Like your everyday dope addict

Sick, can’t go without it

Got to write about it

I see the light

And only I can see what to write

This is my life, I want to make it right

Some say pray to Christ

But every time I think about it

I am back writin’ with the pen

Sick with so many emotions

And no one to talk to

Who can I turn to?

But my pen

I’m just your everyday pen fiend


I Come From Pain

By Hosea Stevens


I come from pain

It’s an internal pain

That’s a symbol of my reasoning

And how I became a man of no blame

The pain from rejection and the physical blood stains

It’s like my soul is like brick it can withstand hurricane rain

My skin is soft and my insides hard like granite

But it’s a combination that if you can feel me right now

You won’t understand it

Pain from a struggle of a life not feeling good Enuff

Maybe bcuz in my environment they teach us to keep our head up

But our mind down

Taught to feel inferior to anyone with purpose

That’s how you train animals

I’m a strong man with standards and focus

Life is how you approach it not what you quoting

I come from so much pain

But it’s the fuel for my desire to be closer to perfect

My heart bleeds this urge to release these words

Medicine for my pain and it’s bandaids for my stains

I’m never gonna quit bcuz it will just cause more pain

Letting those down who count on me is not in my frame

I come from pain


Failure to help

By Nokomis


Their cries for help sound as if a man was set afire

but their flesh is just as cool as the winter desire


Is it not loud enough to grab the nation's attention 

or is it only loud enough to be given medication?


As their minds sing rehabilitation

The guards laugh without hesitation

Not giving deep thought about their mental pain and state of condition

seems to be the guards' way of not weakening theirs cold intuition


Time behind a wall and loss of hope alone can cause a person to vote their self off from this earth

because the treatment  given to them isn’t making them feel rebirth 

instead just worse


Why can’t there be a recall on the broken souls that are locked away and restrained

They'd rather keep them locked away then give them back again

I guess it's something they'd rather not explain. 


Can’t they see that what a prisoner goes through is hard to sustain?

That their hardship alone has caused them to go insane?

but whether or not I complain my faith still remains the same

that one day they will obtain their free mind while drinking champagne.


The Lead

By Terrell


I thought I was leading the path to be all I can be

But along my journey something was calling me

Pinching me, and poking at my skin

I turned around and looked over my shoulder

And seen it was the streets calling me over

Slowly taking me off the track from what I believe

And had me questioning my ability to LEAD

Everyone that followed went astray

Because they seen I started to go a different way

Seeing me sink was something they couldn’t stand

So my people helped me up by lending me a hand


Valuable Lesson

By Aquil 


I’m not going to be in this position forever.

I’m going to pull through this for sure.

Nothing lasts forever, life is a rollercoaster ride.

Just as sure as you go up, you can bet you’ll come down.

All you can do is strap on your seatbelt and prepare for the ride.

Sure, your gut may turn and you may scream a little when you go downhill,

But for sure you’ll get to breathe again on your way back up.

Only thing is it may seem like the ride downhill is longer than the one uphill.

Don’t worry though, that’s life’s trails and tribulations.

It helps you appreciate it more when you finally make it to the TOP!

If you make it to the top with no struggle, you tend not to appreciate the little things.

It’s better to climb slowly, take the scenic route.

Get a chance to study life’s precious lessons.

That’s what I am doing now. I’m being taught a valuable lesson.





When a child dreams

Like it seems

Floats like a melody


Life bursts at its seams

For all who it deems

Worthy of perfect harmony


When a child dreams

The world seems

Will live on for all eternity.


Pen and Paper, or the Phone

By James 


Pen and paper, or the phone,

I make magic happen,

Live life through the wire,

Like my jaw’s fractured,

Whether I write or speak, it’s irrelevant,

Because actions speak louder than words,

So I just do it like verbs,

Growing up, blind leading the blind,

Like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder’s tour guide,

Knowing I’m wrong but still felt pride.



By Myron Gilmore


Knowledge is Power some disregrard and ignore THAT

And that’s one thing I know for sure is a FACT

Cause the more you know the better off you ARE

Wisdom and knowledge align you to shoot for the STARS

They’ll be trials and tribulations along the WAY

And it’s impossible to keep them all at BAY

As humans we all do wish that we COULD

But through knowledge what’s bad can be made to be GOOD

Things occur in life that we don’t APPRECIATE

We all wish that these things we could ESCAPE

But one thing despite this is Life goes ON

And knowledge helps you refocus to keep going STRONG

Reading is a Vital way of learning new THINGS

It’s interesting the enlightenment that books can BRING

One thing I think we all really should TRY

Is learn as much as we can before we all DIE

Cause one thing for certain is die we all SHALL

But keep learning to live better for the here and NOW

Cause life gets hectic This Fact I Confess IT

This is Reality so please don’t REJECT IT

Some could care less, and with Folly their CONTENT

And when Knowledge comes forth they Abandon IT

Be mindful of some things that People SAY

And know what to retain and what to throw AWAY

Knowledge and wisdom help you to Blossom like a FLOWER

So 3 words I’ll leave you with is Knowledge is POWER

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Being the Best

By Varvie


You have to give

All of you and

Be dedicated to

Whatever it is in life

To be the best

You know who you are

So what do you have to prove

Than prove to you

Yourself that is

Being the best considers of

You doing anything to the fullest

Because you are the best

That’s what I call

Being the best


Ghost Dad

By Juan


Here one day and gone the next

Where did he go? My little voice vexed

Growing up without a dad, that I did

So I grew up a fatherless kid

Every three years he would call me

And every three years he told the same lie

He said he was going to pick me up

But he never did, so I guess he ain’t even care

Only time he called was when he got locked up

I was always happy to talk to him, it felt like good luck

When he finally came to see me

I thought I was dreaming

Wow! I finally saw my dad

My feelings were no longer bad

A spitting image of him, that’s what I looked like

When I seen his face, I couldn’t believe my sight

As soon as I closed my eyes, he was gone from the light

I could no longer see him, I tried with all my might

Here one minute and gone the next

Where did he go? My little voice vexed

My dad, he left me, he left me alone

So I said forget him

I’ll learn to be grown on my own


Rocky Road

By Andre


As I travel this rocky road

Obstacles await me I once was told

So I humble myself in order to prepare

And not fall victim to meaningless despair

In the back of my mind streets calling my name

Yelling/screaming, jail doing the same

I hold my head up and continue my walk

Consumed with the thought

That days will get better

Is this frivolous talk?

It’s a daily struggle when wearing my shoes

Statistically speaking, I’m destined to lose

Either live with the odds or open my eyes

It’s me who controls my own demise

The strong will progress

The weak will fold

Are you bold enough

To travel this rocky road?



By Terrell 


Looking into the mirror and what do I see…

A reflection of myself staring at me

Unearthing imperfections that change with time

Was enraged in a cage now I’m free sunshine

Redemption for today seeking forgiveness on tomorrow

Wondering what I’m to do with the time that I’ve borrowed

Inadequate or presumptuous is what I see at times

Fatigued by disease around me that poisons my mind

But here’s some sincere advice that I give to you

By taking time to reflect you’ll find the truth

In YOU!!!

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By Sergio


Taking care of your own

Or still trapped in that zone

That I thought I kept at home

One thing, life still move on

I wonder will my niggaz be living by the time I come home

Nine out of 10, half will be locked up and dead and gone

But sometimes, I think that’s the wrong thing to worry about

As I set back in my little room

I think, think and think

Will I ever be free?

Or will I ever change my ways of being free?

Locked up is not all about coming home

It’s about going and staying somewhere you belong

Oh God, I am so confused with just inmates to talk to

But I choose not to fight

Righteous, I thought, I stop my violence

Still I have a choice

Not this